Eco Runners launched in 2015 to fill a gap in the delivery market. Instead of assuming that one size fits all, we created a service which works for each partner restaurant and takeaway. Over the past four years, we've recruited riders and delivered for numerous restaurants and takeaways. We've worked with every type of food, from Mexican to Japanese, learning a lot along the way. Recently, we launched an app for our riders and restaurants, which involves everything we've learnt. Thus, delivery is even simpler for restaurants and more efficient for riders.


Every relationship we form is unique. Each partner restaurant will begin their journey with us in a meeting with an Eco Runners representative. During the meeting, we will discuss your individual needs and the perfect pricing scheme for you. Flexibility is at the core of what we do. After this meeting, we will provide riders anytime you wish to offer a delivery service. Uniquely, our couriers can deliver all of your orders, regardless of their origin: own website, phone orders or (any) takeaway platform.

Once everything is set up, we assign a specific contact at Eco Runners to new partner restaurants. That contact will be available around the clock to offer whatever support you may need. We'll also show you how to operate our app and put through your first order together.

Meet The Team

At Eco Runners we pride ourselves on being truly international. Our team is multinational, diverse and young at heart. As a result, we passionate about all sorts of food and our environmental future. With some graduates and others qualified in real life experience, we pride ourselves on the range opinions we represent. Furthermore, as a team, we come to informed decisions based on a diverse set of opinions - with some healthy disagreement. This process makes us ready for each situation that might arise.



Eco Runners launched in 2015 in response to growing demand for a personal delivery service that cared about the environment. By partnering with a takeaway, Taco Mazama, we started a journey which has served thousands without adding to global warming.


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